Founder & Executive Director

Dick Thomassian

Dr. Thomassian has been in ministry over six decades.   He served for forty years on staff with Whitesburg Baptist Church, Huntsville, AL. In 1996, he founded Training in Mission Evangelism (T.I.M.E. ) an organization where he is presently serving as the Executive Director.

Brother Dick has extensive knowledge of the Middle East. He is a former teacher at Nazareth Baptist School and the Bethlehem Bible College. He has led numerous evangelistic gatherings in Israel plus has directed 50 Christian Bible Land Seminars to "The Apple of God's Eye".

He and his wife Lois, reside in Huntsville, AL. They have three children and nine grandchildren, all of whom are active in Christian ministry.

Executive Assistant

Beverly Jones

Beverly Jones served as Executive Assistant to Dr. Thomassian at Whitesburg Baptist Church for 20 years. In 1996, she became the Executive Assistant for Training in Mission Evangelism. She also

serves as the Office Manager of TIME.


In December 2005, TIME Ministries opened an office off church 

campus and Beverly became their Executive Assistant.



Beverly and her husband, Ron, live in Huntsville, AL. They have 

2 children and 4 grandchildren.

Trustees and Staff


(Left to Right and seated)

David Richardson, Rod Steakley, Beverly Jones, Garrett Martz, Michael Bateman

Seated: Dick Thomassian

(Trustee, Burr Ingram, missing)

Ministry Team Members



(Left to Right)

Beverly Jones, Michael Bateman, Rod Steakley, Jerry Gabig, Lee Foy, Teresa

Malek, Dawn Kirby, David Richardson, Jim Snellgrove, Dick Thomassian,

Garrett Martz

(Pastor Advisor, Dr. Jimmy Jackson; Trustee, Burr Ingram; Israel Team Advisor,

John Crocker, missing)

Advisors .


(Left to Right)

Jerry Gabig, Lee Foy, Teresa Malek, Dawn Kirby, Jim Snellgrove

(Dr. Jimmy Jackson, and John Crocker, missing)