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Dear Brother Dick,

Indeed He is risen, thank you for your email and we pray for your health during this time and for strength.

Thanks for the note about the donation and may the Lord richly bless and reward you.

Please extend my warmest greetings to all of TIME ministry partners.

In Christ,



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Dear Brother Dick,

Warm greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you brother very much for your message and note of support for PBS work. What a great joy to hear from you and to be assured of your generous and continues support.

We praise God for His amazing our in our midst, by God’s grace we have reached over 10,000 Kids during Christmas time and gave out thousands of literature  in special programs we conducted all over the country. we give the glory to God and thank you for your support that enables us to do so.

Please pray for my health, I have been sick the past 10 days with a stubborn flue, getting better slowly now but appreciate a prayer for me.

Much love in Christ,







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Dear Friends and partners,


Please find attached our latest news, please continue to pray for us.


Kindly pay a special attention to the children’s coloring book for the refugee and traumatized children of the region and all over the world, please see the cover page below. The booklet  has 11 stories from the Old and New Testament. The story is explained in simple short Arabic verses. The verses don’t only summarize the stories, but also give a piece of hope, showing the refugee children and their families that God is present in the hardest circumstances, and He is a loving God who protects His children.  The book has been designed with the possibility to add the same verse in any specific language in order to be used as an educational tool.      


Thanks for your prayers and this is an invitation to come and partner with us in the exciting programs and activities  we have,




The Palestinian Bible Society

General Director 





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