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News about our latest Messianic Jewish Fellowship Partnership 

Victor and Judy Blum and the BRIT-AM Messianic Ministry in Jerusalem


Victor and Julia Blum

Victor Blum was born into a Jewish academic family in Estonia 57 years ago. He graduated 

from Tartu University (Estonia) with MA degrees in History and Philosophy. While in Tartu, 

Victor met his wife Julia (they married in 1984). Julia came from Kiev (Ukraine) due to wild anti-Semitism there, to study computers at Tartu University. After his graduation, Victor lectured in Philosophy (including Scientific Atheism) in the same university. 


Before this they had never met a believer, or visited any Jewish, (any form of Judaism was strictly forbidden), Messianic or Evangelical Congregations.


In 1986 Victor and Julia moved to the capital of Estonia – Tallinn and both started their PhD courses in philosophy. Victor continued to lecture Philosophy, Culture Theory and Psychoanalysis in different universities and was a very popular lecturer and author. He traveled overseas taking part in scientific forums.


Things seemed to be going just fine and they started to prepare to immigrate to Germany.  But then they had an encounter that would change their lives forever. In the summer of 1990 in the beautiful coastal resort, they met their first believer - a young pastor, who was “fishing” specifically for Jewish people. In the summer of 1991 they both received their Messiah, and then God brought them straight to Jerusalem.


They arrived in Jerusalem, leaving behind their families, friends, and successful scientific careers, without any theological or denominational backgrounds, ties or connections. Victor came to Jerusalem with the credentials of the first ever official representative of the Estonian Republic in the State of Israel.


Towards the end of 1992, they started to minister to the new immigrants from the former Soviet Union. A few dozen Russian Jewish immigrants came to know the Lord during this season. Many of them became mature believers and they now serve the Lord in different congregations in the Land (Israel) and overseas. The Blum’s also ministered as evangelists in Arad, Ariel and Ashdod. 


In the fall of 1993 while visiting a Bible School in Finland they received the vision to plant a Russian-speaking Congregation in Jerusalem, and to start to live by faith. One-week upon their arrival back to Jerusalem, a new congregation “Even Yisrael” (Rock of Israel) was born, with just a handful of people. Ten years later, under Victor’s pastoral leadership and with Julia by his side, this congregation grew to more than 100 people in full attendance.    


God gave Victor three main directions in this ministry:

1. To establish the Jewish Messianic Community through sharing, discipling and helping predominately Russian immigrants to discover their Biblical Jewish roots.

2. The Messianic education – Victor was the member and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Messianic Bible College for several years. 

3. To enhance integrity and unity of the Messianic Body in the Land.

Victor was a member of various different leadership teams and committees which worked in these fields. Besides congregational leadership, Julia was engaged in her calling as an author and lecturer, She wrote and published three books on Biblical themes and completed a few different translations and also taught classes in the Bible College. 


Victor joined Chosen People Ministries in June 2004, while continuing to pastor the congregation “Even Israel”. In 2008, the Blums moved temporarily to NYC, for three years of studies and ministry with CPM. They became actively involved in different ministries of the Messianic congregation “Shuvah Israel”. Since May 2010, Victor has served in the Messianic Synagogue “Gesher haShamayim” in Brooklyn. Later in 2010, he became the Rabbi of this congregation.


In August 2011 upon completion of their time in the US the Blum’s returned home, to Jerusalem and started the new ministry. According to the vision they received from the Lord, the ministry is based on the passage in Acts 2, where we find the largest number of Jews ever saved in such a short period of time. This vision is to create a highly integrated, vibrant, home based congregation or chain of congregations actively serving in and around Jerusalem (modelled after the first Jewish Messianic congregations in the Book of Acts). The ultimate goal is to reach mostly Russian-speaking Israelis and to bring them to their new real spiritual home(s). The Blum’s started their meetings about five years ago and the meetings with the bible study group – less than year ago.


Victor also has another callings – to minister to the Holocaust survivors, to prepare both spiritually and practically to the upcoming new waves of the Jewish emigration to the Land, to teach bible on internet radio and to help to plant and spiritually equip the Messianic congrega-tions in Eastern Europe (according to Acts 1:8) in tight cooperation with local believers. He travels to different countries and first meets there with the Christian leadership. His goal is to inform the leaders about the Messianic awakening in Israel, to share about God’s plan of the Restoration of Israel and to encourage them to partner in helping to reach out to the Jewish communities to establish local Messianic congregations. As part of this calling he is working to build a bridge between Messianic and non-Messianic (Christian) congregations. The first ever Messianic conference in Tallinn, Estonia in October 2013, followed by seminars in 2014 was a real blessing.


Julia is working on her new books and blog on biblical themes. She also teaches bible online.


Victor and Julia have three children: daughter Yael, 28, and two boys, Daniel (21) who is currently serving in the army and Yoel (18) who is graduating from High school this spring and preparing for the army service. 


Rejoice with Jerusalem, and be glad with her, all you who love her; Rejoice for joy with her, all you who mourn for her; That you may feed and be satisfied with the consolation of her bosom, That you may drink deeply and be delighted with the abundance of her glory.”  (Isaiah 66:10-11)

Dear Brethren and Friends,

I want at this time to share with you about our prayer ministry.  A few months ago my long time co-worker and friend Glen and I made a decision to begin what we felt was an urgently needed ministry of prayer for the ingathering of the Jewish people.  We believe that this is a crucial component for God’s plan for their national salvation and spiritual restoration.  Central to God’s plan for them is their emigration to Israel.  The word for “emigrate” in Hebrew is aliyah,” which literally means ascension or “to go up”.  In the Hebrew Bible we find many prophecies about aliyah.  Verses can be found as early as portions of the Torah; for example Deuteronomy 30.  The books of the prophets are literally overflowing with texts about aliyah.

 Prayer for Aliyah, the opening  meeting, Prayer Tower, Jerusalem

Last year the number of new immigrants (olim) grew dramatically.  The recorded number was 35,000, the highest number of new arrivals since the peak year of 2003.  Most of these came from three countries:  France (7,900),Ukraine (7,000) and Russia (6,600).  Approximately 9,330 arrived from Western Europe and 3,768 were registered from the United States, a decline of 103 arrivals from the U.S. in the previous year.  Reasons for the immigration of French Jews can probably be attributed to the increase of anti-Semitism and terror attacks, while war in the Ukraine is the likely reason for the rise of immigration from that country.  Immigration from Russia was mostly from the capital city of Moscow and from other larger cities, but the actual reasons for this immigration are not as clear as for the other countries we have mentioned.  No matter what the visible reasons may be, we believe that God stands behind all of them.  Sometimes He sends out fishermen and sometimes hunters and at other times His visible means are not clear, but I believe that all that is happening to bring about aliyah is according to His plan.  I believe that we are nearing the time when God will send out the hunters, especially as far as Russia is concerned.

With the unfolding of these amazing events the time is due to pray for this great fulfillment of God’s plan for the Jewish people.  He has promised to revive the dead and to bring them to Israel (Ezekiel 37).  He will gather them from the ends of the earth and bring them home (Deuteronomy 30:1-6).  A very important aspect of this great work is God’s promise to circumcise Jewish hearts (Deut. 30), to replace hearts of stone with hearts of flesh (Ezek. 36:24 and following).  He fulfills His promise of saving Jewish people while they are on their way home.  We see that aliyah is one of the main factors that is contributing to a Messianic revival in Israel during the last twenty five years.  He is building a Jewish Messianic Congregation here in Jerusalem and in other places in the land, made up of Jews and Gentiles. This, we believe, is a Last Days Body of Believers who are being prepared to meet Yeshua when He comes.

The potential for an increase in aliyah is very great.  There are still many millions of Jews among the nations, probably about five and one half million in the U.S. alone.  I view the focus of prayer for aliyah as being on three different levels.  First: “Let my people go! (Exodus 5:1), involving prayer for the countries from which the exodus will be made, including the believers in those places and for the assistance that they will need.  Second: “They shall bring your sons in their arms …” (Isaiah 49:22),

prayer for the countries of transit such as the U.S., Finland, Poland, Estonia,Canada, etc. Third: “I will plant them in their land” (Amos 9:15), prayer for the absorption of the new immigrants into the Israeli population.  This is the time of the Body of Messiah to pray, to be alert in prayer, to pray as individuals and to pray in groups.  Please join with us in prayer in this very critical season.

The Lord recently encouraged us and showed us that we are on the right track by sending two Lithuanians to our weekly aliyah prayer meeting.  One of them was a believer and a lover of Israel.  They were on a business trip and just happened to drop in with the desire for some fellowship.  The other was not a believer and I felt moved to offer a prayer for his salvation.

After a time we both knelt and he received Yeshua into his heart.  How very encouraging this was.  We simply praise the Lord for His wonderful work in hearts.

Please pray for our Havura congregation and for our weekly serious Bible study group.  Please continue to pray for our ministry to Holocaust survivors.  Julia is engaged in a new job as an internet Bible teacher and blogger.  It is a very intensive and demanding ministry for which we would deeply appreciate your prayers.  We would greatly appreciate your prayers for our family; our daughter Yael and our sons Daniel and Yoel.  

We especially need your prayers and your help for our financial situation, which at this time is very critical.  If you would also like to bless the saints in Jerusalem with your support, please send your tax-deductible gifts to our U.S.A. address: Shuva Yisrael Messianic Synagogue, 88 Southern Parkway, Plainview, N.Y. 11803.   Please make out your checks to Congregation Shuva Yisrael.  In the memo section please write: “For the Blums”. Thank you and may the Lord richly bless you.  

 Sincerely yours in Yeshua's love, Victor and Julia Blum