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Fatema & Rayan (Part 1)


Holy Land Greetings...


It is not my habit to go to the beach and wait for my colleague to finish his appointment!  Well in God’s plan it was!  It happened last month in one of the famous cities in Israel.  As I was sitting there in the evening, looking out into the Mediterranean Sea, working on some papers, two Arab Muslim girls passed by  playing on their hover boards.   They noticed me reading a paper written in English, so one of them says to the other, he’s studying, thinking I was a foreigner.  To their amazement I told them “Marhaba!” (Hallo in Arabic).  They said, what, you are an Arab!  Then when they knew what I did for “living”, they sat down opposite me and said, teach us about Christianity, we want to know.  So I took out my wordless book which I always carry in my pocket and shared with them the Gospel through the wordless book colors.  Praise the Lord for this un-expected and unbelievable opportunity.  Pray for those 2 girls (6th grade) that the Lord will bring them another Christian contact so they will be saved. 

To be continued…


In Christ, Fadi Ramadan <><



Prayer Calendar – November 2017






1- 1John 4: 7

Magnify the Lord with us for the children who were saved during the CEF ministries last month.


2- Psalm 106: 1

Pray for Fadi today as he shares the Word with the 7th & 8th graders at the Baptist School in Nazareth.

3- Psalm 68: 32

Pray for the TCE1 teacher training course held at the Nazareth CEF Center.

4- 1Chronicles 16: 34

Praise God for His grace & mercy over the CEF team as they travel to the weekly ministries.


5- Psalm 19: 1

Pray for the bi-weekly GNC at the CEF Center in Nazareth on Monday afternoons and for the CEF Staff teaching the club.

6- Psalm 30: 12

Praise God for the chapel services at Nazareth Baptist School today and every Monday.


7- John 1: 14

Pray for the new ministry openings for GNC’s and Teacher Trainings that started last month…

8- Psalm 98: 1

Praise God for the Preschools we visit to share the Gospel Message with those precious little ones.


9- Psalm 40: 1

Pray for Fadi today as he shares the Word with the 7th & 8th graders at the Baptist School in Nazareth.

10- Psalm 118: 29

Pray for the GNC held today at the Baptist Church in Yafa (town next to Nazareth).

11- Psalm 34: 8

Pray for the upkeep of the CEF Center and for the need of a caretaker for the place.

12- Psalm 71: 5

Praise God for the work among the Hebrew speaking congregations in  Galilee.


13- 2Corinthians 5: 17

Pray for the GNC  held in Haifa today and for the former local CEF committee there that they might renew their services.

14- 1Chronicles 16: 29

Praise God for those  graduates from last year’s trainings and their involvement in Church and ministry.


15- Psalm 23: 4

Pray for the difficult financial situation we face. The fields are plenty but the workers are few. Another worker is needed.

16- Psalm 96: 4

Pray for the meeting of the Evangelical Alliance today near Jerusalem.

17- Psalm 37: 24

Pray for the TCE1 teacher training course held at the Nazareth CEF Center.

18- Psalm 98: 3

Pray for Yosef Simaan (CEF Worker) leading the work of Mailbox Club.


19- Psalm 16: 8

Pray for Fadi as he shares God’s Word in His Church in Nazareth.

20- 2Timothy 1: 12

Praise the Lord for the Mailbox Club kids completing the lessons and growing in their faith.


21- Psalm 40: 8

Pray for the support needed to add another staff worker to the ministry.

22- Psalm 51: 12

Pray for Fadi as he continues to translate  the children’s lessons for correspondence course. 

23- Psalm 64: 10

Praise God for the monthly Church GNC held on a Thursday evening in the town of Kfaryasif.


24- Psalm 105: 4

Pray for the GNC held today at the Baptist Church in Yafa (town next to Nazareth).


25- Psalm 85: 9

Pray for the members of the CEF Board as they help direct and encourage the work.

26- Psalm 18: 2

Praise God for the Christmas programs scheduled next month giving us opportunity to reach hundreds of children for Christ.

27- Psalm 121: 7

Pray for the physical health and spiritual wellness of Fadi (CEF Director) as he leads the work and manages the ministry.

28- Psalm 31: 7

Praise God for the monthly financial aid received from your gifts and donations.


29- Psalm 121: 8

Remember today to pray for one child in your family who has a special need.  Jesus loves the children…

30- Psalm 62: 7

Pray for the monthly chapel held at the Savior’s Catholic School in Nazareth today.







Children’s Evangelical Fellowship® 


Dear Prayer Partner - Greetings from The Holy Land!


Luke 23: 33-34

Silently He stood as they heaped upon Him all the pain and indignity they could muster.

They spat in His face; slapped and buffeted Him.

They filled the air with their curses; crushed a crown of thorns onto His brow.

They laid open His back like a plowed field; smashed spikes through His hands and feet.

At last He opened His mouth. I wonder if they quieted as they saw He would finally speak.

Into the stillness He prayed, “Father forgive them.”


On Thy pale and suff’ring brow, mystery of love and woe;

On Thy grief and sore amaze, Saviour I would fix my gaze.


=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=    =+=+=+=+=+=+=+=    =+=+=+=+=+=+=+=


I have attached the monthly prayer guide for CEF of Israel.

Thank you for your weekly prayers for all the children.

May we live daily in the power of His Resurrection.


In Christ, Fadi Ramadan <><



Dear Pastor Dick,

Dear Beverly,


There are no words enough to say thanks, no expressions enough to express appreciation and joy.

Greetings in the Name of Jesus.  Happy New Year from The Holy Land.

I had received a note from you before concerning this transfer but I was so busy with the blessed Christmas programs (see ministry report attached) that I didn't reply back immediately.  But since that time I depended so much on this donation that you were about to send.  I worked and served all over the place knowing the Lord will send His support through you.  Now when you emailed me again, I went to the bank and checked the transfer.  Good news, the money has arrived at our bank but they hadn't yet put it in our account.  So I thought I'll write and confirm that the transfer was successful and I wish to thank you and all those invloved in praying for and supporting the work and ministry of CEF in Israel.  May the Lord continue to bless and use you to bless others in many ways.  May His reward upon you be not only a physical one but a spiritual one as well.  Looking forward for another blessed fruitful year because we have such beautiful encouraging brothers and sisters like you all behind us in prayer and support.

In Christ, Fadi Ramadan <><



Dear Bro. Fadi,

May God bless you with a happy, joyous and Christ-centered New Year. Yesterday, January 3, the TIME Ministry gladly transferred $ 6,000 US from the Wells Fargo Bank in Huntsville, Alabama, to your bank.

We pray that this Christmas-New Year gift will encourage and bless your Gospel Ministry at the beginning of 2017. Please send an email acknowledging the receipt of the transfer of funds.

Be assured of our love and prayers for you throughout the year. Continue to be a lighthouse for our Lord Jesus Christ.

Dick Thomassian

TIME Executive Director








7 Things C.S. Lewis Taught Us About Faith:

1) There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.

2) You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.

3) Though our feelings come and go, God’s love for us does not.

4) When we lose one blessing, another is often unexpectedly given in its place.

5) You may forget that you are at every moment totally dependent on God.

6) Faith is the art of holding on to things in spite of your changing moods and circumstances.

7) God allows us to experience the low points of life in order to teach us lessons that we could learn no other way.


It was in the Middle East CEF Conference that our regional director Mr. Jeremiah Cho challenged each one of us to reach 1% of the children in our own country through the Christmas Party Club program!  The goal in Israel was reached among the Arab children!!  Praise the Lord!!!  During the 2 weeks of Christmas 2016, 30 CPC’s were held reaching over 1800 children (Christian and non-Christian) with the Gospel message…


The students receiving CEF’s training in two cities in Galilee were so excited to go and reach out to the unreached children.  It was like a new vision to most of them.  They did that by handing out a copy of the Wonder Book to one child outside their family and church circles.  Then the next step was sharing the Wordless Book with another child.  Two of the trainees were so excited that they opened their home for a CPC program, reaching out to their neighbourhood children. 


One child came up to me after one of those CPC programs, his name is Fadi (what a coincidence) asking me “wasn’t I saved 3 years ago, isn’t that when I asked Jesus to my heart, right?”  I told him yes, that’s correct.  He continued, “I prayed now with you in my heart, telling the Lord that I accept the plan He has for my life, whatever that might be!”  Wow!  Oh Lord, help us have similar faith in You just as this little Fadi has.  Amen!


The story that was chosen for the CPC program this Christmas for the Middle East CEF Region is “The Hope Of Three Trees”.  This was the most touching story ever told by our teachers for many years.  Both young and old, teachers and students, Christians and non- Christians, pastors and Sunday-School teachers were all moved to tears at the end of this wonderful story.  At first we faced opposition because we decided to use a “fiction” story which had a clear presentation of the Gospel message instead of the original Christmas story as told in the Bible.  But soon and very soon, those same complaints turned into compliments of approval for choosing such a remarkable meaningful story.  To God Be The Glory!


Lilian, a Sunday-School teacher attending the training course CEF holds in one of the Arab villages in Galilee, shared with excitement as she brought her children to the CPC program, that she remembers me when she was a little girl, attending the 5-Day-Club we did many years ago.  She remembers how she was waiting every day for the next day to come, as she was so happy and so interested in what she was learning.  She said, “Oh how I desire now this same thing for my children, that they would be excited about attending the Good News Clubs as I was.”


 Looking forward in our 50th year of CEF in Israel, we see many plans, programs, dreams and goals already set, expecting to reach more children, train more teachers, open more doors, translate more material, receive more support, create more contacts, have more friends…  But most important of all, we seek to love the Lord more, worship Him more, know Him more and serve Him till He returns.  Amen!


Em Danny, Carol King (and her husband Wayne) directed the CEF ministry in Israel for 40 years. Carol is Lois Thomassian’s first cousin.



 Cain and Abel were sons of Adam and Eve. We know they knew of God’s existence because they came to make “an offering unto the Lord.” Imagine two altars. Cain brings his fruits and vegetables, a beautiful arrangement of colors and leaves. The works of one’s hands and of one’s imagination . . . a beautiful offering. Abel brings a little lamb and kills it to place on the altar. A sight to turn away from . . . the opposite of beautiful. God rejected Cain’s offering and accepted Abel’s.


The lesson we learn is Cain came with his own works. Today there are those who think of a variety of beautiful offerings one could make. Unacceptable!


‘By faith Abel offered unto God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain” (Hebrews 11:4). The more excellent sacrifice is the way of God, the blood way. The sin of Adam and Eve requires the shedding of blood for forgiveness. Abel’s sacrifice makes it clear that a holy-loving God is promising that one day someone would come who would shed blood for the sins of the world. That someone is God Himself . . . JESUS!


Cain and Abel represent two opposite systems of belief. The altar of Cain bows down to a false god. The altar of Abel bows down to the altar of the Messiah who died for our sin. There is only one way of salvation. The blood of Jesus makes atonement for the soul.


Jews and Arabs are invited to come to Jesus for their eternal salvation. The TIME Ministry is committed to proclaiming the Gospel of Christ throughout ISRAEL . . . to the Jew and to the Arab. Please consider helping TIME prayerfully and financially. We have a promise from God: “The harvest is plentiful”. Help is needed to hasten the harvest. Your offering will be a blessing. Thank you, and may God bless you.


The Day of Atonement


What does the Day of Atonement mean to the Jew today in ISRAEL and throughout the world? In the book of Leviticus, chapter 16, it is written:


    “And Aaron shall offer his bullock of the sin offering, which is for himself,

     and make an atonement for himself, and for his house . .  . And he shall

     put the incense upon the fire before the Lord, that the cloud of the incense

     may cover the mercy seat that is upon the testimony, that he die not . . .

     and he shall take of the blood of the bullock, and sprinkle it with his finger

     upon the mercy seat . . .”


The significance of the “Day of Atonement” (YOM HA-KIPPURIM) is a sign of sorrow for sins. The altar of incense, claimed by Jewish tradition, points to the burnt offering and the mercy of God. The “Day of Atonement” to the Jew is the “Good Friday” of the Old Testament. What this day means to the Jew today is that its observance once each year represents the remission of all sins.


The significance of the “Day of Atonement” from a Christian standpoint is that it contains only the shadow of Christ’s sacrificial death for the sins of the world. The Jewish “Day of Atonement” was fulfilled on the day that the sacrificial Lamb of God, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, climbed the hill of Calvary and laid down His life in atonement for our sins. By this act of a holy-loving merciful God, the O.T. “Day of Atonement” was fulfilled and surpassed by JESUS .

. . Blessed be His Name! The “Atonement of Christ” is the term most frequently used in Christian theology. TODA YESHUA . . . THANK YOU JESUS!